A Moment’s Rest

Please Contact Me if you’re interested in purchasing this original artwork or if you have any questions.

– Original oil painting on hardboard.
– Dimensions are 9″ height x 12″ width x 1/8″ depth
– Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
– This original artwork is not framed.
– Fits a standard 9×12 frame with no mat.

If you’ve ever watched an American Redstart then you understand the title of this one.  These cool little birds do not sit still for very long!  It seems the only rest they get is for the brief moment their feet touch the branch before launching off again.  They can be difficult to photograph as they flitter and flutter from branch to branch to ground to branch to the other side of the river.  They put on quite a delightful show, acrobatically bouncing around thin air with flashes of blaze orange as their wings and tail feathers fan, twist, and turn in every which way.

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