Why Commission A Painting?

Commissioning a painting is an excellent way to memorialize a scene, subject or place that has special meaning to you.  Most, if not all of us have those favorite places, fond memories, and impactful experiences that our hearts and minds like to visit frequently.  It might be a favorite vacation destination, a landscape scene that leaves us in awe, or a place like home that holds many of our dearest memories.  A painting remains one of few expressions that can truly capture the emotion and nostalgia for places and experiences like this.  I know first hand how special it is to take these internal emotions and memories and process them into an external tangible piece of artwork.  If you have a favorite scene or experience you’d like to get onto a canvas I’d be glad to hear your ideas and determine if my style of painting can accommodate your vision.  In order to best serve you and ensure the highest standard of work, I typically only accept commissions that align with my style and genre.  Generally this includes landscape, seascape, wildlife, and other outdoor scenes, but I may consider other subjects if I feel my painting style and technical background are suited for the project.

How To Get Started

If you’d like to commission a painting, the first thing to consider is the idea, scene, or subject you have in mind.  Do you have photographs or another way to describe the scene, or is a visit to the site necessary for the artist to gain full and proper perspective?  Next, consider the space where you’d like to display the painting and determine what size of painting will best fit that space.  Once you know the approximate size of the painting, you can estimate a cost using the price ranges below.  Next, contact me to discuss your ideas and determine if my style of painting will best serve your vision for the artwork.  Upon the decision to move forward I’ll provide you with a proposal outlining the process, timeline, materials, and overall cost of the project.  Generally, the estimated cost to commission a painting will be in the price ranges listed below, but may vary if the project requires additional efforts such as travel, specific materials requests, or other unique or special circumstances.

  • 100 to 200 square inches:  $16 per square inch
  • 201 to 400 square inches:  $14 per square inch.  Minimum $3,200.
  • 401 to 1,800 square inches:  $12 per square inch.  Minimum $5,600.
  • Above 1,800 square inches:  Reduced pricing may be considered.  Please contact me to discuss project details.

I’d love to hear about the vision you have in mind.  Please call or email me to see if we can transform that vision into an original work of art.

Email:  mike@mikezillgittart.com
Phone:  (507) 222-0037