The Artist

Hi, I’m Mike Zillgitt, the artist, and I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon my portfolio of artwork.  I’ve been creating nature themed art for most of my life, and growing up in Minnesota I had no shortage of inspiration.  I spent much of my time with family and friends exploring the woods and streams of southeast Minnesota’s beautiful bluff country.  Additionally, I was surrounded by artwork from renowned artists who seemed to capture these very outdoor experiences on canvas.  I admired their ability to create paintings that could evoke the full sense of being there – the chill in the air, the smell of the leaves and freshly harvested fields, the sense of peace that blankets a river valley during sunset – all of it.  I was instilled with a deep desire for the ability to create artwork that offered such a moving experience.  Plenty of time has passed since then, but that desire continues to grow, and I find wildlife and landscapes remain timeless in their ability to inspire and fascinate us.

That’s a bit about my background, but the pursuit ahead is about the opportunity to put on display a fascinating and creatively designed world.  It’s about the way you experience the work, how you’re moved by it, and the enjoyment you find in it.  And it’s about faithfully and wholeheartedly developing this craft and fulfilling my infinitely small role in an infinitely profound masterpiece.